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February 2007:
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When You Work for a Bully 

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Bully Stats

An estimated 20 million Americans face workplace abuse daily.


1 million workers are absent daily, totaling $300 billion a year in absenteeism, health costs, etc. 


A survey of 9,000 US government employees found that 42% of female and 15% of male employees reported being harassed within a two-year period, representing a cost of more than $180 million in lost time and productivity.




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Strategies and Resources for 

Targets of Workplace Bullying

Workplace Law & Policy News ... 


Dealing with an Abusive Boss: 5 Tips  
"It's no secret that there are abusive bosses out there -- you know the type," says Gerri Willis, a columnist for CNN/Money. Here are five tips on how to deal with them.
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Bully Must Be Dealt with by Management, says this article in the February 4, 2007 issue of the Mississippi Sun Herald.

Bullish On Bullies
On making the depressingly short leap from schoolyard bully to workforce bully, February 1, 2007.

 Tough Love for 'Bully Broads'
The Bully Broads program was designed to show aggressive female executives -- who had for the most part achieved success because they were so demanding and perfectionist -- how to get what they wanted without intimidating others. But, says one female executive, "I realized that women perceived to be too hard on others were seen as bullies, while men were perceived as real go-getters." What do you think?

 EAP Confidentiality Takes Another Hit 
Dr. Sheila Horn was fired after refusing to reveal to her employer, The New York Times, certain information about employee-patients that she believed was confidential. She sued for wrongful termination, but while a New York lower appellate court held in her favor, but the New York Court of Appeals reversed that decision, based on the right of an at-will employer to terminate its employee.

California Chamber of Commerce claims victory over defeat of  AB 1582."Healthy Workplace" bill calling the defeat a "major victory" for California employers.

The Workplace Psychological Harassment Prevention Act (pdf) Canadian lawmakers are considering a federal anti-bullying measure.

Oregon State Senate Bill 496, introduced last session, would have provided legal redress for employees who have been harmed psychologically, physically or economically by being deliberately subjected to abusive work environments. Like the California measure, it appears dead in the water -- at least for now.






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