A resource for identifying and dealing with abusive bosses.
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Allison Taylor

Job References.com

References Etc.


What Information Can Your Former Employer Disclose?

General Information and Resources



Bullying News Forum

Workers' Compensation Links

Beyond Bullying Association

Psychological Abuse at the Workplace

Bully Online

The Serial Bully

Bullying Institute

Yahoo: Emotional Abuse Group

Yahoo: Nineveh

Yahoo: Toxic Managers

The Andrea Adams Trust

Ask the Workplace Doctors

Taking Action

Insure.com: Consumer information on health & disability coverage and workers' comp

Legal Information

Wrongful Termination Lawyer Directory

Employment Law Information Network

My Employment Lawyer

National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA)

Workplace Fairness

Commercial Sites

Envisionworks:"Specialists in Reducing Workplace Incivility"

Human Resource Information from HRnext

Job-Law, on employee rights

Professional Employer Organizations: Gateway to the PEO Industry

Verbal Abuse Services

Business Research Lab: Workplace Bully Poll Results

Alternative Modalities

Interpersonal Network on Personal Meaning

International Allies Against Workplace Harassment
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